November 7, 2019
🇮🇷 Iran
November 7, 2019


    SIMORQ (Simorgh) a legendary supernatural bird in Shahnameh Ferdowsi's a Persian masterpieces literary, and its one of the most extraordinary works in Persian literature.

    It is sometimes equated with other mythological birds such as a "phoenix" (Persian: ققنوس‎ quqnūs) and (Persian: هما humā‎)

    The Persian word sīmurğ (سیمرغ) derives from Persian and The Persian word comes from Avestan Saēnō "the bird Saēna", as can be deduced from the etymological cognate Sanskrit śyenaḥ (श्येन) "bird of prey", which also appears as a divine figure. Saēna is also a personal name.

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