December 6, 2019
November 7, 2019

    این اثر روایتی است از هماه

    زمانی که هما با ماه همه چیز و هیچ چیز را در چشم یکدیگر دیدند، به رقصی محوری بر زمین دست در دست هم هماه را به ما بدل کردند

    Linguistically, Homa is a combination of the two Avesta words "Hu" (هُو) + "Maya" (مایا).
    In the Avestan language, Hu means creator, and Maya means the first of all things, which in the sense of "Homa" means creator of the universe.
    but the design named HOMAH which the last H, reminds the meaning of a new word "MAH" (MOON) that combines two words of HOMA + MAH = HOMAH

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