What Do I Think !?

I thought of a new story in a different way, even different versions of old and repetitive stories!
I'm a designer, an architect, my education is architecture but I'm interested in the architecture of everything. I care about changing and re-creating an effect, like entrepreneurship because it gives me a chance to start budding myself again and help people, albeit a minor one. I put innovation and creativity at the forefront of everything and give it a special place in my career. I believe that in addition to dreaming, each person has a special and virtual memory that motivates him/her to live and dream in any circumstances and give birth to new dreams. Linking all knowledge together and brainstorming is a sophisticated but beautiful approach.

My imagination of time has always been like a line connecting the past, present, and future together and made them wonderful. Maybe that's why I'm interested in everything related to time, like photography that captures and connects the present to the past for the future.
We live in a world where, that green backdrop of all our activities is nature's environment, animals, and plants, where the most important duty of humans to serve the environment is to just co-exist peacefully with mother nature, Bringing us together with different cultures.Read More! < Click On the Box to Read More!


For me, the Architectural world has served as a foundation, familiarizing with a range of different techniques and approaches to the design process. All projects have focused on functionality, organic designing, and creativity upon my experiences in understanding and representing architectural spaces in all its complexities. Projects have been supported by a wide range of workshops exploring specific themes, skills, and techniques, also tried to keep designed spaces simple and minimalistic with creative personation. The architecture combines many disciplines, from physics to art, mathematics to history, it relies on the successful integration of a multitude of skills for me. Creativity is always my first rule in design.

My work will introduce me, The promise to be the best or nothing.

  • September 2024- Present TU/e


    Project: 3D Printing and Architectural and urban theory

  • September 2023- Present Sapienza University


    Thesis: Urban Regeneration

  • January 2015- March 2017 M.A at Tehran Architecture University


    Thesis: Organizing and People Accommodation in Critical condition M.A in Interior Designing Architecture

  • September 2011- March 2013 B.A at Tehran soore Architecture University


    Thesis: Organic Residential Complex, Green Architecture With approach & Operation of Nature B.A in Architecture Engineering

  • December 1998 Primary Education


Academic Work Experience

(May 2013- December 2017)

Professor Assistant

Architecture & Designing programs Lecturer


(From Nov 2005)

3D Modeling & Graphic Softwares (chech the list below)

Research & Design

(From May 2010)

VR (Virtual Reality) & AR (Augmented Reality)


(From Sep 2017)

Web Page Designing & Wordpress Developer

Self-taught Software user

Self-taught user of 3D modeling & graphic design software's and have become very confident with these software's, and so I decided to combine these skills with my love for architecture and for the geometric nature for Art & Design project. The architecture combines many disciplines, from physics to art, mathematics to history, it relies on the successful integration of a multitude of skills.

3Ds Max | V-Ray | ADOBE Photoshop | ADOBE InDesign | ADOBE Illustrator | ADOBE Premiere pro | AutoCAD | Lumion | Sketch up | Rhino | Microsoft Office | Rendering | Post Production | Animating | Creating Virtual tours

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