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February 7, 2024
🇩🇰 Denmark | Copenhagen
December 27, 2023

Torn Resonance | Computational Clay Protostructure

During my tenure at Eindhoven University of Technology, I had the privilege of participating in the Computational Clay Protostructure research group, under the supervision of Asst. Cristina Nan and Mattia Zucco.

Collaborating with my colleagues, Ahmad Akif Aiman Bin Khairuddin and Jonas Varnauskas and Reza Aghaei.S, we dedicated a semester to investigating a series of contemporary columns as part of a comprehensive rejuvenation proposal for the historic Caracalla Thermal Baths in Rome, Italy.

Throughout the course, we delved into the realm of parametric modeling using Rhino and Grasshopper, while also honing our skills in the operation of the cutting-edge WASP 3D Clay Printer. Our journey encompassed all facets of the design and fabrication process of clay printing. This documentation includes finalized renders of the 1:1 Scale Site Intervention, 1:5 Technical Assembly Prototypes, 1:20 Test Prints, and a prototype of the Bambu Lab X1-Carbon Combo 3D Printer PLA at 1:10 scale.

This invaluable experience has not only enriched our understanding of advanced technologies but has also equipped us with the practical expertise needed for proficient engagement in the dynamic field of architectural design and fabrication.
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