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December 27, 2023
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November 22, 2023

    🇩🇪 Germany | Düsseldorf

    Düsseldorf is renowned for its avant-garde architecture, including the impressive Rhine Tower and the MedienHafen, a revitalized harbor area with striking contemporary buildings. Düsseldorf is a hub for art and fashion, hosting an array of galleries, boutiques, and the renowned Königsallee, a tree-lined boulevard renowned for its luxury shopping.

    The city's Old Town (Altstadt) provides a charming contrast with its narrow lanes, historic buildings, and lively pubs, earning it the nickname "the longest bar in the world." Düsseldorf also plays a significant role in the business world, serving as a financial and industrial center. The city's cultural scene is vibrant, with a plethora of museums, theaters, and music venues catering to diverse tastes.

    Visited Locations:


    Rhine River
    Rhine Tower
    Rochus Kirche
    Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus

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